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10 Cloverfield Lane (2016) Full Movie Dvd

10 Cloverfield Lane    11 Mar 2016

N/A N/A DramaHD MoviesMysterySci-Fi

IMDB: 7.1/10 265 votes

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10 Cloverfield lane is the sequel to Cloverfield Monster found footage film. The survivors of a nuclear attack to fortify himself in a cellar.

The story of 10 Cloverfield lane plays for the most part in a basement. A girl named Michelle there wakes up after she was involved in a car accident. However, she is not alone. Someone who took care after her accident to her, tells her that a bulk of humanity is to be annihilated by a nuclear attack.

Only a few have survived. And those who have survived, Fortify himself since that devastating day of extinction in rooms deep under the Earth. No one dares to the surface. No one knows what happened to the old world. Only huge noises reach including, hiding underground, because a giant monster is loose above them.

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    vist to watch 10 Cloverfield Lane 2016 Full Movie HD

  2. Mera says:

    No movie,just the trailer. Fix it please.

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