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Honeyglue (2015) Full Movie Dvd Online

Honeyglue    26 Apr 2015

R 107 min HD MoviesRomance

IMDB: 8.1/10 468 votes

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Morgan (Adriana Mather) is passing on of a serious cerebrum tumor, which has abandoned her dad Dennis (Christopher Heyerdahl), mother Janet (Jessica Tuck) and sibling Bailey (Booboo Stewart) who’s of Asian drop, and in this manner symbolic of the faction’s multicultural outlook in suspended wretchedness. Regardless of her critical circumstances, notwithstanding, Morgan is restored when, at a club, she meets Jordan (Zach Villa) and promptly succumbs to him, this in spite of (or, as it soon turns out, due to) the way that he’s wearing a lady’s wig, dress and make-up.

The following morning, Jordan (who lives in a vivid canopied bed on a flat building housetop) shows up on her doorstep in a kilt, and immediately finds that Morgan offers with him a birthday, as well as an eccentric sex twisting soul which for her situation, involves sprucing up like “The Pink Panther” Inspector Clouseau. Welcomed to stay for supper, Jordan is rapidly, and discourteously, struck with shut minded inquiries from Dennis. It’s at this early stage “Honeyglue” decays into instruction, taking after Kevin Smith’s 1997 “Pursuing Amy” in its longing to teach gatherings of people about, and lecture acknowledgment of, its character’s option way of life in the most common, schoolmarmish way that could be available.

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