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Paradox (2016) Full Movie Dvd Free

Paradox    N/A

N/A 100 min HD MoviesSci-FiThriller

IMDB: 6.3/10 458 votes

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Martin Hurst’s time-travel thriller paradox has Bell and Malik the consequences one gone wrong time travel experiment to fight.

A group of scientists works in a secret project it to make time travel possible. But as one of them finally manages to send one of their colleagues for an hour in the future, this begs them upon his return, to abandon the project. Will the success of scientists mean ultimately their downfall?

It’s most likely something to be thankful for that time travel doesn’t exist in this present reality since we’d all be dead at this point. All things considered, dead or vanished immediately and inexplicably, Back to the Future-style. As silver screen has demonstrated to us, no good thing has ever originated from galavanting over the course of events. On the off chance that your folks aren’t attempting to get in your jeans, you’re making astonishing interchange prospects by venturing on butterflies or getting gunned down in airplane terminal terminals before your more youthful self.

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